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Rules for making your dream Team

Rules for making your dream Team

Register : First you must be registered user of this portal Fantasy IPL SN. Register

Daily Challenge : For every match you need to create your dream Team. Create an unbeatable team of 11 players who will defeat your competitors.

Daily Budget : 10,000 SN will be the budget alloted to spend on each match.

Batsmen : Four or five .

All-Rounders : At least one .

Wicketkeeper : Exactly one .

Bowlers : At least two .

Maximum Players from one team : You can only select maximum 6 players from one team.

Weekly Prizes : There are 60 matches taking place in this IPL season 10 ( 2017 ). You have chance to win everyday.

Power Player : For every league you will select Captain from your Dream team. Which will double his individual score earned .

Time Left : You have to make your dream team 30 mins before the match starts

How will you score ?

Batting Score

Base Score : 1 point per Run

Impact Score : 3 points per six, 2 points per four, -5 points for a duck

Milestone Bonus : 10 points for every 25 runs scored

Bowling Score

Base Score: 1 point per dot ball

Impact Score: 20 points per wicket, 20 points for a maiden over, 25 points for a hattrick

Milestone Bonus: Extra 10 points for 2nd wicket and subsequent wickets taken

Fielding Score

Catch : 10 points

Stumping : 20 points

Direct hit : 15 points

Run Out : 10 points for each player involved

Bonus Points

Man of the Match : 25 points


All players earn batting, bowling and fielding points,regardless of the roles they have been assigned. All the above points will get doubled for the Power Player you choose.